MGF Packing System – MCT Penetrations

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Manufacturing & Custom Builds

As well as supplying marine and industrial electrical fittings, fixtures and consumables; EJ Electrical also manufacturers and custom builds products to your specific requirements and to the requirements relevant standards and classification societies.

• Starter panel and control panel manufacturing
• Switch board and distribution board manufacturing
• Marine and industrial electric motors
• Engraved panels and labels
• Alarm and monitoring systems for marine and industrial applications

Fittings Fixtures & Consumables

Our huge supply base and overseas contacts give us the ability to source a wide range of marine and industrial components.

• Electrical fittings (lighting, power receptacles, etc)
• Electrical spare parts and accessories (lenses, contactors, etc)
• Electrical consumables (globes, batteries, etc)

MGF Packing System – MCT Penetrations

MGF Packing System is the optimal Multi Cable Gland Fire Stop System. The MGF Packing System is the excellent fireproof, low smoke water and gastight method of passing cables from one compartment to another, It is simple, expedient and economical-giving much more protection than conventional stuffing tubes while drastically reducing time and installation cost.

• Penetrations of bulkhead and deck for Water-tight, gastight, fireproof and low smoke.
• Penetration for weather deck.
• Penetration for electrical equipment.
• Fire and explosion-proof of hazardous areas
• Thermal barrier for all penetrations
• Sound and vibration-free in entries for cables and pipes

Adaptable Sealing System is protected against hazards induced by fire, smoke, gas, water and EMC environment.

Principal Features of the MGF Packing System:

Fire and Smoke Proof
In the event of fire, specially formulated elastomer insert blocks expand. A firm incombustible seal is formed around the burning cables, filling in all parts destroyed by fire and choking off and passage of fire or smoke.

Water and Gastight
When compressed around cables, MGF insert blocks form an absolute water and gastight seal.

Shock and Vibration Proof
Interlocking of assembled components prevents dislodgement under conditions of shock and vibration.

Cable-pulling time and cost are considerably reduced by the insertion of cables through wide open transit frames in lieu of stuffing tubes.

Greater Flexibility
From design to final system check out, MGF Packing System gives greater accuracy in estimating and laying out cable runs. Cables can easily be added, removed, or sizes changed at any time.

Space Saving
A greater number of cables can be grouped in smaller areas.

Cable Protection
MGF Packing System prevents chafing of shredding of cable, since cables are not pulled through small apertures. The very nature of the insert blocks protects the cables from rubbing and rusting at all penetration points.

Positive Visual Inspection
There is no hidden sealing of components or material. All units can be readily inspected, assuring that a tight seal has been made against fire, water, gas, dust, etc.

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